Our Framework: What Our Movements Need to Win


It will take all of us

shoving at the thing from all sides 

to bring it down

-Diane di Prima 

We live inside of a social context that is highly committed to the destruction of people and planet--of life. For those of us committed to liberation and to change, we are faced with a huge and monumental task. We know that change is necessary for our survival.

We find ourselves in a moment of enormous movement upsurge. Thousands of us are showing up to say no to genocide and say yes to life. Still, many of us wonder how much impact we are making. What will it take to actually realize a ceasefire and what will we dream into being on the other side? We find ourselves inside of a contradictory moment inside of organized struggle, at least in the so-called United States. Many of us are taking action, and still the conditions of our world remain largely the sa,e. That doesn't mean that our commitment to liberation has lessened. We can look to nature to understand that everything goes through cycles.

The question is: who will we be individually and collectively inside of these cycles to create the lasting change that our people deserve?

Inside of these times where the state has all but abandoned its people, the right wing is gaining power, we can feel the impacts of ecological devastation intimately, there are constant attacks on the bodily autonomy of queer and trans communities and birthing people, and the world continues to deny Black life, what is our task? 

What if our bodies held the answers? 

Our politics and our programs are important. They define our visions and the world we are trying to bring into being. However, our good ideas often give way under pressure. What's missing most inside this movement moment is the answer to the question how, not what.

This moment will be defined by how we are together. How we move towards our longings. How we feel for and know our belonging. How we find safety inside of ourselves and amongst each other. How we come to know our power and dignity individually and collectively. How we set boundaries and draw our lines with each other and with capital and the state. How we navigate conflict and harm inside of our communities. 

This moment calls us into complexity as we navigate the world to come and the change that is inevitable inside of it. 

We hold complexity as the ability and competency to be with more, to hold wider truths, to hold contradiction, to stay relational inside of bigness and messiness. 

Life is complex. Nothing in nature or the world is just one way. It is racial capital itself that often asks us to collapse ourselves back into rigidity and boxes.

When we are in relationship to complexity we are in relationship to life and to each other. We could produce a different world. Complexity is what allows us to enjoy the world that we are creating, and a world that is built on pleasure and not just survival.

Through our long tails inside of social justice movement, we see  that what our movements are missing right now is the capacity to hold vision and action at the same time and to hold the complexity that allows these ingredients to exist in their right mix. This is how we arrived at this series of courses that will grow your capacity to: 

We hold that these competencies require us to hold more and more complexity that allows for more and more of our aliveness and more and more of our power, alone and together. 

2024 Course Dates: Practice With Us In Person

Embodied Boundaries: Knowing Our Limits and Making Our Lines 

Applications are now open for our Embodied Boundaries Course in LA. Applications will be acepted until Friday March 1st! 

Healing Shame: Choosing Dignity and Building Our Power

Applications will open in mid to late May for this course. Join our email list to stay in touch! 

Conflict as Generative: Keeping Each Other Close

Applications will open in September for this course. Join our email list to stay in touch! 

This work is for you if: 

Somatics as Path

We hold somatics and especially politicized somatics as a path of practice. We hold these courses as part of a series called Holding Compexity in Times of Change because we believe in offering not just a one off workshop to address what most keeps us from embodying what we need to fight, heal, and transform towards more liberation and life, but instead a true theory and practice of embodied change.

So much of the way that racial capital shapes healing is into quick fixes, certifications, and disappearing history and lineage. We hold this path of practice as fundamentally different. 

To engage in a path of practice means commitment and commitment over time, and commitment with others. Our lineage of politicized somatics holds that it takes 300 repetitions of something before it is committed to muscle memory, and 3000 repetitions of something before it becomes our go to move under pressure. That means that we need many reps to embody what we care about. 

We invite you into this work as either an entry point or a continuation of your path inside of somatics and inside of justice and liberation work. This might mean that you take these courses many times. There is always something new to be healed and grown towards in each new repetition. 

About Your Teachers

Ream (They/Them)

Ream is a white queer organizer and somatics practitioner on unceded Ohlone Land (Oakland), organizing for economic and racial justice and immigrants’ rights, working for over 25 years in the labor movement and currently as the Strategic Campaigns Director for the United Domestic Workers’ Union. Ream began practice with Generative Somatics in 2011 and is also a community teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center. 

B Stepp (They/Them

B is a black, mixed, non-binary somatics practitioner, facilitator, and organizer. They live on unceded Duwamish and Coast Salish land (Seattle). They became politicized in the wake of 911 and began organizing inside of the anti-war and student movements that followed. In most recent years, B has been an active tenant organizer, building power in their own building, and city-wide, and organizing for healing and transformative justice inside of the movement for black lives, including inside of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that was established in the wake of the George Floyd Rebellion. B has been practicing with Generative Somatics since 2010.