Join Us for Three Days of Politicized Somatic Practice Toward Your Longings

This course represents an offer inside of a larger lineage of politicized somatic practice and is meant to support activists, organizers, healers, educators, and cultural workers in our work for liberation. 

We live inside of conditions where change often feels impossible, still the call for a world where life gets to flourish mobilizes many us towards action. We want the action we take to mean something, we want it to matter, we want it to support the material conditions of our lives to change in fundamental ways. 

There is so much that we are up against that gets in the way of visions becoming reality, but through the body we get to uncover the power and the possibility that has always been there. 

We know that our longings can't wait for the right conditions or the right moment, but politicized somatics gives us a path to living our longings on an individual and collective level in the here and now. 

Through our long tails inside of social justice movement, we see  that what our movements are missing right now is the capacity to hold vision and action at the same time and to hold the complexity that allows these ingredients to exist in their right mix. This is how we arrived at this series of courses that will grow your capacity to: 

We hold that these competencies require us to hold more and more complexity that allows for more and more of our aliveness and more and more of our power, alone and together. 


What: 3 days of in person politicized somatic practice in Los Angeles, CA

When: Friday March 29th-Sunday March 31st. We will meet Friday and Saturday from roughly 10-6 PM and Sunday 10-4 PM. Please plan to attend the entire course. 

Where: The Pilipino Worker Center

Financial contribution: $1600-$2500 sliding scale. There are 4 solidarity spaces available at $700 for BIPOC participants who would not otherwise be able to participate. 


Apply by Friday March 1st 

Acceptance emails will be sent out by Friday March 8th

Registration and first payment due by Tuesday March 12th 


Our Framework: Why Embodied Boundaries Matter

This three day in person course will build your capacity, embodiment and understanding of yourself, specifically as it relates to boundaries, for the sake of supporting your healing and your work inside of liberation struggles. We support politicized healing and we believe movement work includes all work, including care work, creative work, and support work. This course is for you if you care about working towards liberation and feel stuck inside your current embodiment.  

We hold that boundaries can serve as the gateway to our longings being realized in the world. They have a tendency to delineate our actions, carve out space inside of our relationships, and support our agency and choicefulness. Knowing our boundaries and our limits is one of the key competencies inside of visioning towards a different world, an invaluable skill for this moment. In fact, an embodied knowing of where we end and someone or something else begins actually leads us to more capacity to be with complexity and change.

This course will dignify what has been taking care of you all along, and open up a range of new, embodied choices though somatic practice. We will practice listening to the body and encouraging opening towards a new shape that is sustained by action. 

We promise that you will leave this course with a clearer sense of your own commitments, how to support yourself in your own healing and life choices,  and how to make choiceful impact in this moment. In practice together we will generate a greater understanding of your relationship to boundaries that align with, and support fulfillment of our deepest longings.

The conditons we live inside of are asking us to know our lines, and to take bold action around them and towards our visions for a world based off of life and liberation. 

At the Level of the Tissues, This Course Will Support You To Be With These Questions

Program Structure

Covid Safety and Access Info

We acknowledge the covid-19 pandemic as a mass disabling event that is still occurring. Accordingly, we take covid safety very seriously. N95 masks are encouraged and we will require daily testing. This will be an indoor event. The space is wheelchair accessible, including the bathroom and entrance to practice space. Sidewalk and entrance are accessible. The space has overhead lighting. We can't guarantee a scent or allergen free space but will do our best to reduce scents. Please let us know if you have other access needs or requests. 

About Your Teachers

Ream (they/Them)

Ream is a white queer organizer and somatics practitioner on unceded Ohlone Land (Oakland), organizing for economic and racial justice and immigrants’ rights, working for over 25 years in the labor movement and currently as the Strategic Campaigns Director for the United Domestic Workers’ Union. Ream began practice with Generative Somatics in 2011 and is also a community teacher at the East Bay Meditation Center. 

B (they/them)

B is a black, mixed, non-binary somatics practitioner, facilitator, and organizer. They live on unceded Duwamish and Coast Salish land (Seattle). They became politicized in the wake of 911 and began organizing inside of the anti-war and student movements that followed. In most recent years, B has been an active tenant organizer, building power in their own building, and city-wide, and organizing for healing and transformative justice inside of the movement for black lives, including inside of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone that was established in the wake of the George Floyd Rebellion. B has been practicing with Generative Somatics since 2010 and has been a teacher with Strozzi Institute since 2022